Business: People, Planet, Profits

We strive to be economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally sound

We aim to make a difference to the greater community, society, local environment and economy. As a result, we have moved away from profit as our sole focus and gravitated towards something more wholesome. Our time is here, now, to “give back” and adopt a business model with a triple bottom line (people, planet, profits). So, how can we help? We action our intentions step by step, the key; devoting time to plan and develop, together with continually building on our sustainable core business objectives….people, planet, profit.

People Matter

We believe social and community responsibility is a mindset. Everyone involved in and affected by the business link us: management, employees, stakeholders, customers, the local community and suppliers. It’s inevitable that every decision we make has an impact internally as well as externally. This has a flow on effect, influencing and directing those connected to us, and so on and so forth.

So now we know we have this responsibility to influence, what do we do? To start with, we live by our principles and sort examples. Brandition regularly sponsors and endorses local community and industry events. For example, the upcoming ‘Yeronga State School fete‘, ‘Ladies Lunch‘ and the ‘River City Women’s Rowing Clubs’ International Women’s Day’.

We also provide equal opportunity and youth employment, traineeships and education. Additionally, we find creative solutions to improve the lives of those with whom we work and interact. And this is just the beginning….

The Planet Matters

Global environmental issues leave us with feelings of powerlessness. Nevertheless, Brandition promises to consciously consider the environment and the impact we make on it every day. How, you ask? Purposefully, with the tools we use, the products we choose and the waste we create.

Gradually, since the end of last year, we reduced the use of plastics by 90% in the warehouse, on projects and jobs. In addition, with covid-19’s disruption of the industry, we adapted with a huge move where we now share our workspace and utilities. As a consequence, our energy consumption reduced by more than 50%.

The very essence of our business focuses on sustainability through hire and reuse. We continue this philosophy with 90% of our unused products recycled and reused through sale, repurposing and gifting. Not to mention, we produce and manufacture 80% of our products locally.

Environmental issues influence our processes from start to finish. Nothing is left out, including transporting our goods eco-friendly as possible. We reduce our vehicle footprint by thoughtfully planning our delivery runs and with the use of shared vehicles. Every little thing matters.

Our Profits Matter

Just because it’s not our sole focus, doesn’t mean that profit stands to be any less important than our other core objectives. Our economic value stands for how we earn money in conjunction with this objective and continue to grow.

We see that focusing on the environment and people will be a profit returning investment. Ultimately, an efficient operation actively considering a circular economy will conserve resources. These resources are redirected back to the people and planet, effectively continuing the cycle.

So there you have it. We continue to bring our creative thinking to more than just the products and services we provide. Brandition’s move and shift to a sustainable future.

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