How to Make Your Event More Eco-Friendly

Since day one, Brandition has been a company with a conscience. We have – and always will have – a strong focus on incorporating sustainable practices into our day-to-day processes and our events, wherever possible. We are passionate about the environment and are constantly looking for ways we can contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

Sustainability is a key trend in the world of events right now. The good news is hosting an eco-friendly event doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style or your creative vision. We’ve actually done most of the hard work for you: Plenty of our furniture is built using recycled materials and when you opt to hire our stock rather than buy new, you’re making a positive impact on the earth by immediately minimising wastage.

Here are just some easy ways you can host a more sustainable event by simply opting to partner with us.

Upcycled & Repurposed Furniture and Materials

A lot of our items available for hire are repurposed pieces of furniture, or are pieces made with repurposed or recycled timber and materials. We sustainably source materials locally wherever possible and work with a local builder to turn trash into our hireable treasures. We also have a maintenance department that works tirelessly to repair and rebuild all of our stock when things break or get damaged to save on unnecessary disposal.

One Table, Many Uses (And Looks)

Many of our hire items are multi-functional and can be used in numerous different ways to maximise their usability while minimising the need for excess stock. Our table tops and dry bar tops can be interchanged with a variety of different legs, from hair pins to trestles in different colours, and our tapas bars have interchangeable acrylic tops that can be customised per event with minimal wastage.

Opt for Artificial Floral Styling

We often work with artificial florals and foliage to not only save our clients on costs, but to reduce wastage as they can be reused over and over again and continue to look great with every use! We also work with suppliers like Grolife who specialise in real plants available for hire to bring fresh foliage into a space without having to dispose of them at the end of the event.

Choose Reusable Hire & Styling Items Over New

When you hire for us instead of opting to go out and purchase brand new products for your event or wedding, you’re helping reduce wastage – and save on costs in the process! Our entire range of furniture for hire and styling essentials like vases, candle holders, and props have been specifically chosen due to their versatility and ability to be continuously reused in different ways to make each event we work on unique, without the need to purchase excessive quantities of stock.

More Tips For A Sustainable Event

Hold your event during the day

Here in Brisbane, we’re blessed with gorgeous weather nearly year-round, which allows us the luxury of hosting many events in the great outdoors regardless of the season. By holding your event outdoors and during the day it means you don’t need electricity to light the space and you can also minimise the need for decorations because a beautiful green space speaks for itself!

Say no to single-use plastic

When looking at your catering options, speak to your suppliers about refraining from using single-use plastic such as straws or disposable cutlery. As for your styling, you could request that your events stylists only use reusable cable ties to save on plastic wastage.

Go paperless where possible

If your event requires tickets upon entry, consider a digital ticket instead of a paper print-out. For weddings, while it may not be possible to go completely paperless, you can save on paper usuage by opting to place just a few menu cards per table rather than one per setting, and instead of place cards let your guests sit wherever they want. Digital wedding invitations are also a great eco option – and they make managing your rsvps much easier and more seamless!

Work with like-minded eco-conscious suppliers

We have had the privilege of working on a number of sustainable events, like the annual Green Heart Fair – a sustainable living community event that promotes innovative green living in a fun, family-friendly environment; and the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) who hosted their inaugural summit in Brisbane last year. We also prefer to partner with other event suppliers where possible who have the same commitment to eco-conscious practices.

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