Inspiration: Last Minute Christmas

For some, it may seem quite daunting having to host a last minute Christmas lunch or dinner in your own home – after all, it’s not just fun festive beverages and amazing food you have to consider, there’s also the ever-important festive table styling. The “table look” is your guests first impression and sets the tone for the whole day/night…… so we have a few simple and easy to remember table styling tips to impress your guests, without the stress and the fuss that comes with it.

Tip #1 – Utilise your surroundings

Try to play up elements that are already in your home – for example, if your dining table is timber / rustic, bring rustic elements into the setting such as pine cones or timber candle holders.

Tip #2 – Centrepiece rules

Usually, Christmas feasts are all about sharing, where the hero of your table is the food. So don’t make your centrepiece too large or extravagant; either make sure you leave plenty of room for platters, or incorporate table risers to sit your platters above your styling. Simple elements such as loose leaf pine, candles and scattered coloured baubles will be enough to add that simple yet effective wow factor to your table without affecting space required for the festive feast.

Tip #3 – Go fresh if you can

There is nothing better than the smell of fresh pine at Christmas time, so use it if you can – a hot tip – fresh pine sprigs are always available from your local flower market this time of year and it is not expensive, so do yourself a favour and buy a few stems to incorporate into your centrepiece look; the smell will heighten that “festive” sense for guests before the food is even served.

Tip #4 – Linen is best

Always use linen table napkins instead of the cheap paper napkins, your guests will thank you for it – this is an effective way to add some style into your setting, whilst also adding that needed pop of colour as well. Instead of white try red or emerald green or even a mauve or navy blue…… just make sure whatever colour you choose ties in with your centrepiece colour tones.

Tip #5 – It’s not Christmas without some bling

This is a must to elevate your overall styled look – simply add in some gold or silver tea light votives, or paint some pine cones gold – if you are looking to step it up even more why not add in some gold charger plates or gold cutlery to your look…. a side note though, don’t go too overboard with the bling, there is such thing as too much!

Tip #6 – Light up your life

Don’t forget to inject some mood lighting into your setting even if it’s a day time event – whether it be pillar candles, candlesticks, or simply some battery-operated copper twinkle lighting; lighting is the most cost effective way to complement your overall intended ambience

Tip #7 – You cant go wrong with bon bons.

Last but not least don’t forget the Christmas crackers! This is a must festive tradition and your guests will love the party favours… there are so many types and styles available these days, so make sure your bon bon selection matches in with your overall table look – if you are unsure then just go with simple block colours such as white or red.

Tip #8 – Josie’s Christmas Cocktail (to ease the stress…)

Side note – Christmas is not a time to be stressed, Josie recommends her quick and refreshing cocktail to help you through. We hope you can utilise these hot tips and make this years last minute festive event one to remember. n

2 parts Ginger Beer

1 Part Passoã


Passionfruit Pulp

Stir ingredients together and serve over ice, or blitz with ice in the blender.

(If the taste of ginger beer is a little too much, water it down with some Soda Water)

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